View Full Version : 8800 GTX and AMD X2 4800+. Do I need to upgrade?

10-07-07, 04:56 AM
I have an AMD X2 4800+, Austex A8R-MVP motherboard and a Dell 3007WFP-HC monitor.

I play at 2560 x 1600. I mainly play Titan Quest.

At the moment I am getting frame rates of around 35 - 40.

I would like to get higher frame rates!

I do not want Crossfire or SLI.

I am going to get an 8800 GTX as a replacement for my 1900XT 512 MB.

Do I also need to upgrade to a Core Duo (E6850), or can I stay with my current cpu and MB.

Please advise.


10-07-07, 05:22 AM
yeh mate i would probably upgrade both the cpu and the mobo. If u want a good balance between performance and quality, i'd be looking at getting an Intel core 2 duo e6600 processor. it is a highly overclockable processor, as for the mobo, i would recommend xfx 650i ultra it won't break the bank and offers very good features.

10-07-07, 07:11 AM
4800+ with 8800GTX should do ok , but as the above poster said a C2D or C2Q will bring a lot more balance to the system i.e. steady framerate , less slowdowns & higher framerates in CPU limited situations.
personally i've gone from a 4800+ to a E6700 & the difference is quite good overall.

10-07-07, 08:04 AM
Was that 3700 a single core? If so then a jump to a dual should of been a lot more you would think. 2844 doesn't really sound that much. But I'm not a fan of 3D marks. I prefer real in game performance.

10-07-07, 08:17 AM
Best way to find out what will increase your framerates is to mess with your graphics settings.

Drop the resolution a few notches and see if it gives you a framerate increase. If it does, you're being bottlenecked by your videocard and you should get a pretty good increase from the 8800GTX.

If it doesn't, then you're CPU limited and you most likely wouldn't notice much difference going to the GTX without getting a newer CPU as well.

At that resolution you must be GPU limited though. I didn't think Titan Quest would get framerates like that on a system that recent... it has to be the resolution thats doing it.

10-07-07, 10:18 PM
If your'e going to upgrade your CPU, I highly suggest you go to a core 2 quadro q6600 (like 2 E6600s) or higher. Quad core is the way to go.

10-07-07, 10:37 PM
I changed from a X2 4400 & 8800GTX to a E6420 & 8800GTX
and I went from around 8200 on the X2 up to around 9200 on the E6420.
The other significant difference is OC'ing the C2D/C2Q's is fairly easy and I was able to push up to 3.2ghz and get 11500 or so in 3dmark06.

Have yet to try with the C2Q that I installed the other day.

Also my old X2 got around 39s in superpi mod with the 1M test, the E6420 gets around 21s stock and 15s OC'd

10-07-07, 11:20 PM
If your'e going to upgrade your CPU, I highly suggest you go to a core 2 quadro q6600 (like 2 E6600s) or higher. Quad core is the way to go.
+1 for Quad ;)