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10-08-07, 08:20 PM
Any way to get Lost Planet Directx10 version to work in sli? I ran the directx9 version of the game and the fps are through the roof and my sli bars show, but when I run directx10 version of the game it runs exactly as it did single card and without sli bars. I noticed this in all directx10 games actually. From Bioshock to WIC. I checked nhancer and it seems to leave a few directx10 titles blank for sli profiles. Is this just a problem with sli right now? Does it just NOT work with directx10 as it stands? :(
BTW using latest 163.71 drivers.

10-09-07, 08:11 PM
guess this issue is just me..
I hope a new driver install fixes this. I know it's all kinda new and sli is just getting its legs in vista just wanted to know if I'm the only one with this issue and what I did wrong.

10-09-07, 10:44 PM
alright guess no one wants to take this. I just want to know if SLI is disabled in directx10 or not for now. For all I can see even with the 163.75 drivers it appears to be disabled.
Does someone know this for certain?

10-10-07, 04:28 PM
TBH SLI support is virtually non-existant in Vista.

In XP my Company of Heroes bechmark drops from 141 fps average to 46!! Pile of crap.

Same in most games.

NV Vista drivers suck big time and we need to keep telling them this and they have to improve.

We don't go SLI for worse performance for goodness sake.

NV need to step up to the plate and hit a home run soon with Vista drivers or just pack up and **** off home to Taiwan!


10-10-07, 04:49 PM
There were two or three recent driver reviews (incl. DX10 SLI performance) and they reported healthy and with XP comparable gains with SLI and yes Lost Planet was tested as well.


Vista 64 and 163.69 was used.

Make sure you have all recommended hotfixes installed.

Good luck!

10-11-07, 05:42 AM
hmm I don't know what is going on then..because anything that is directx10 does not show any improvement with sli for me. I can't even get the sli bars to show for directx10 games. does anyone else have this problem?
I also have every hotfix installed.

10-11-07, 08:52 AM
Man just posted same question in a CoH thread. SLI worked just fine pre CoH patches, then after all patches installed can't get SLI indicator's to show up.

<looks at second GPU> what are you doing in my machine ?
<second GPU> I look nice right ?

10-11-07, 09:59 AM
No problems here. I'm impressed with Sli and Vista64. Using 163.71 because I haven't had time to upgrade to 163.75 yet.

10-11-07, 10:26 AM
Patched up to coh_en_171_2101_patch

I did the vista hot fix that CoH says needs the be installed, plus vista update has nothing new for me, it's fully updated. I am also using the 163.71 drivers, bios and other drivers as current as I can figure.

nTune shows one GPU getting hotter while playing, 74c ish while the second GPU is at 62c.

SLI indicator turned on for LoTRO and other games. Not Eve Online tho.

No clue what is going on.

10-11-07, 11:33 AM
Just for testing, try setting your global profile to use Sli. If that works, then it would seem your profiles are screwed up.

10-11-07, 11:45 AM
Yeah I just did, no joy :(

Going to uninstall CoH & Nvidia Drivers and install 163.75 and CoH again.

10-11-07, 05:04 PM
All is good now :)

10-11-07, 06:01 PM
ok...well I have forced sli through the global profiles to no avail. I am going to uninstall the drivers and start from scratch and see if that helps..I also have every vista hotfix out.
So far directx9 stuff works insanely good and I can't wait to get directx10 to do the same.

10-11-07, 06:41 PM
This is what worked for me, like what was suggested.

created a restore point before doing anything

Uninstall Nvidia drivers and nTune if you have that.
reboot into safe mode
run driver cleaner
I also deleted all Nvidia/nTune folders that I could find
installed the 163.75 drivers
all was good after that

I am still not all that happy with SLI performance in CoH, might be something else going on. Might be time for a full reformat - reinstall Vista to clean things up.

10-11-07, 10:45 PM
ok got everything working! Sli now works in directx10 for after a thorough deletion of old drivers that windows kept trying to install everytime I uninstalled drivers. Sli works and lost planet directx10 is now twice as fast!
ran every game I own at 16x fsaa and 16x aniso from the control panel and everything looks soo damn good and runs so fast..
One observation that I am sure will be fixed later is that directx10 + Sli + Vsync = half performance and stuttery gameplay. Works fine in directx9 games but the drivers just need more time.
Very happy thus far.

10-18-07, 05:56 PM
Please quantify twice as fast.

AFAIK SLI in Vista sucks big time and I've never experienced that kind of performance at all.

OK I only have 2x640mb GTS but the same performance in XP is miles better.

Both NV & ATI need to bring out some good Vista drivers to finally sort this matter out.


10-18-07, 08:07 PM
No actually it's true, Lost Planet with DX10-SLI (once you get it working) is one of the best games to show off the performance advantage of SLI.