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Theroar 10-10-07 04:46 PM

force bios update on 6600 pny agp card

I am trying to force a 6600 bios on my 6600 card. I corrupted the first one in a attempt to get the card to work correctly. It is fine in safe mode and vga mode, but has strange artifacts with any nvidia driver I have tried.

Anyhow... when I use the nvflash command it will not flash now. I can see the card. I have a pci card in the box also and nvflash list both of them.

I found a thread where it stated to use nvflash -u -f -2 or something similar, but that just gets me the help file... (in a hurry cause the wife just hollered... I think those are the commands...)

Any other tips?

Thanks for your time.


Theroar 10-10-07 07:17 PM

Re: force bios update on 6600 pny agp card
Got it to work with the -4 -5 -6 options... I had switched ASUS instead of the PNY and it was not allowing me to go directly from asus to pny.

I did a asus to stock asus and the pny and I am at least functioning again...

Will see soon if the artifacts are gone.

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