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iron99 10-11-07 02:51 PM

OC'ing a E6850 with ABIT IP35 Pro
Hi OC masters!

I need a little help OC'ing a E6850 with the ABIT IP35 Pro.

What I need is either a good OC'ing tutorial of Intel CPU's ( it's been a long time since I had a Intel CPU ), or some help from the nVnews community.

My questions are as follows -

1 - What are the min/max voltages for the -

a. CPU Core Voltage ?
c. MCH Voltage ( North Bridge )?
d. ICH Voltage ( South Bridge )?
e. ICHIO Voltage ( South Bridge )?

that are considered safe?

And what the heck is DDR2 Reference Voltage and CPU GTLREF 0&2/1&3?

2 - Are there any BIOS options options that should be disabled other then the C1E funtion and EIST Funtion for OC'ing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :).

iron99 10-22-07 03:43 PM

Re: OC'ing a E6850 with ABIT IP35 Pro
Questions answered @ Rage3D. Please close thread.

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