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SOAD 10-13-07 03:14 PM

SOAD's internet prob ;)
Ive finally had enough :(

The bloody internet is so crap I have to take the last resort.

Help from you guys ^_^

Im certain the problem is with my router and have thus uploaded some screenshots of my router. Any suggestions are more than welcome because downloading portal + episode 2 @ 3kbps (and it keeps stopping) is no fun at all.

Suggest away ^_^

For information purposes im on a 1mb BT broadband (Ireland).

SOAD 10-13-07 03:19 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)




SOAD 10-13-07 03:21 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)





SOAD 10-13-07 03:22 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)



SOAD 10-13-07 03:24 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
cheers thanks guys


SOAD 10-13-07 03:52 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
A particular quirk that I experience is I will be looking at the Steam menu (or whatever). I will switch to something else that is already running (whether it uses the net or not) and the speed drops and frequently cuts out totally.

AthlonXP1800 10-13-07 04:04 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
What the brand and model of your router?

I think there is something not right with VCI - 35, it should be 30 that what was set up on my uncle's unlocked BT Voyager 2091 wireless router on 2MB Orange broadband.

Also I noticed that hardware firewall protection was disabled, you should enable it.

SOAD 10-13-07 04:43 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
cheers Athlon ^^

Have enabled firewall

My router is the Linksys WAG200G router.

tacos4me 10-13-07 05:37 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
You shouldn't have DSL at all, just so you know. I suspect you're at least 3 miles away from your CO. Look at your stats. You want both upstream and downstream noise margins to be 10db+ for any kind of stability, and your downstream is below that.

That's probably half your problem with Steam download speeds. That and just downloading from a slow/far away content server. Delete your clientregistry.blob and restart Steam. Should put you on a different server. Usually does for me.

AthlonXP1800 10-13-07 08:50 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
I checked Linksys WAG200G router's firmware, you used older version 1.00.09 and need to upgrade to the latest version 1.01.05.


evilghost 10-13-07 08:53 PM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
For the 1000th time.

1) The VPI/VCI settings have nothing to do with your issue.
2) Your downstream rate is trained at 1/2 Mbit, you're downstream rate is 576K with a 128K upstream. This is slow
3) Your SNR value is tragic, you have a noisy line, which may explain why you're training to the DSLAM/RT at such low speeds (DSLAM rate adapt)
4) Your line attenuation is pretty high, you must be far away from the DSLAM/RT. It's high, but not as big of an issue as your SNR.

You're wasting your time with any other investigations :)

SOAD 10-14-07 02:40 AM

Re: SOAD's internet prob ;)
the answer I didnt want to hear :(

Im just so pissed off. I went to bed leaving Hl2 ep 2 and portal to download. Have woken up to find no increase :(

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