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slyronit 04-12-03 01:47 AM

No Sound in Tux racer
My Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 card has been properly detected and installed by Redhat 8.0 . The test sound and the mp3s in xmms play fine. But I get no sound whatsoever in Tux Racer.. The soundblaster drivers page doesnt offer any drivers for the card for linux either. Is there a good mpeg video player which is free and would work on redhat 8.0?

Kiamu 04-12-03 04:16 AM

for the movie-players: search for xine and mplayer in the net (was it rpmseek.com?)

black mariah 04-12-03 04:46 PM

From the Tuxracer website (http://tuxracer.sourceforge.net):

1. Make sure you have (and have correctly installed) the following libraries:

* (Optional) SDL_mixer Version 1.0 or greater. This is required for sound and music support.

I need to install it too, since I'm getting no sound as well. You can get it at http://www.libsdl.org.

tho 06-06-03 03:40 AM

I prepared patched tuxracer RPMs for RedHat 9 (SRPM should work on RedHat 8, too, but it is not tested). These fix the sound problem using the "official" RedHat bugzilla bug #85466.

You can find these at http://www.rcs.ei.tum.de/~hopfner/nvidia/ .


VNA9216 07-04-03 05:40 PM

its just cuz RH removed MP3 support from everything.. including tux racer.. and the music there was MP3..
so thats why its not working.. just install a version from a RH 7.2 disk for example.. it works fine

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