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slyronit 04-12-03 01:53 AM

SMP and Bigmem not working
Just installed Redhat 8.0 and was disappointed when SMP and Bigmem both failed to load. They both worked fine in redhat 7.1 . When I press enter on SMP or bigmem, they freeze on the line

IAL_PCI_SNP enabled

Please help

suexec 04-12-03 02:29 AM

Why are you using SMP on a non SMP board/system? Also, why are you using the bigmem kernel? Your spec listed 1GB of memory. IIRC, the default RedHat kernel supports high memory (up to 4GB). I think the bigmem kernel is for PAE mode (36bit) to address up to 64GB. On a single processor system with less than 4GB RAM, there should be no need to use either of these kernels.

dnoyeB 04-22-03 08:50 AM

I think I heard that the largememory stuff on Linux didnt perform well when there was not actually large memory!?

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