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hkhuh 10-18-07 10:43 PM

Problem in getting 8bit display in 24bit mode
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Hi all,

I have a linux machine named "bono" with NVidia Quadro FX 560. Its operating system is FC7 and uses nvidia graphic driver.

I enabled CIOverlay in the Devices section of the Xorg config file.

A application in Solaris9, especially "magic - layout tool" can operate in 8-bit mode only. When I login solaris machine remotely in my linux machine, set display to my machine, and launch magic, magic gets dead with segmentation fault. Last message is below.

Unable to allocate 7 planes in default colormap; making a new one.
Segmentation fault

This application works fine in solaris with framebuffer.
And my linux machine cannot launch X in 8 bit color mode. It should be 24bpp to start X.

Thank you for your help in advance.


PS. some change in my question. Sorry for inconvenience.

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