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Big P 10-19-07 08:17 AM

nvidia framebuffer - hardware acceleration?
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get a card for an embedded device to improve its video performance (800x600 mpeg4 video - on a celeron m, 1.0ghz). I know that the X11 xv driver is accelerated, but is there a way to accelerate with just framebuffer, and no X enviornment installed?


zbiggy 10-19-07 08:58 AM

Re: nvidia framebuffer - hardware acceleration?
There is nvidiafb inside kernel. Very good, open source, fully accelerated console frame buffer. There is only one disadvantage: nvidia binary driver is conflicting with it. So you can use nvidiafb or nvidia but not together.

I compiled nvidiafb as module so if I know that will not use X till reboot then load nvidiafb. Otherwise stay with vesa. This is because nvidiafb once loaded can not be removed till reboot.

It is sad there is no accelerated FB driver compatible with X from Nvidia so we could have full accelerated driver suite. It looks all other companies have no such problem.

Big P 10-19-07 11:31 AM

Re: nvidia framebuffer - hardware acceleration?
Cheers, that would be useful if we go with nvidia cards :) We don't use x.org currently anyway, so them conflicting shouldnt be a problem.

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