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enito 10-19-07 02:20 PM

6600 GT AGP and TEMP

i have a doubt, with original fan , my gpu in idle time have 61 C

now i changed the fan stuff with this,


its look a really good solution but now i get this :

nvclock -i
-- General info --
Card: nVidia Geforce 6600/GT
Architecture: NV43 A4
PCI id: 0xf1
GPU clock: 299.250 MHz
Bustype: AGP (BR02)

-- Pipeline info --
Pixel units: 2x4 (11b)
Vertex units: 3x1 (111b)
HW masked units: None
SW masked units: None

-- Memory info --
Amount: 128 MB
Type: 128 bit DDR3
Clock: 1002.375 MHz

-- Sensor info --
Sensor: GPU Internal Sensor
GPU temperature: 69C
Fanspeed: 100.0%

-- VideoBios information --
Signon message: NV43 p218 sku1 VGA BIOS
Performance level 0: gpu 300MHz/memory 1000MHz/1.30V/100%
Performance level 1: gpu 500MHz/memory 1000MHz/1.40V/100%
VID mask: 3
Voltage level 0: 1.30V, VID: 0
Voltage level 1: 1.40V, VID: 3

i get more temp? with a better fan system?

what can be?

any clue, welcome and thx for your time!

pe1chl 10-20-07 02:28 AM

Re: 6600 GT AGP and TEMP
Before I had 72 deg C on my 6600GT card with the standard fan.
I removed the fan and heatsink and re-fitted it, and it dropped to 63 deg. With the same components.
Probably the wacky mounting of the heatsink (it is just pulled to the circuit board using two plastic pins) results in poor conducting of the heat from chip to heatsink. No matter how much fan you mount on that, the chip will still run hot as a result.

_john_i_ 10-20-07 11:08 AM

Re: 6600 GT AGP and TEMP
Same here. I used to have lots of lockups, and finally traced it to the heat
of my 6600GT. Once I replaced the factory fan with a big replacement heat/sink fan combo my stability problems went away.

The factory heatsink/fan combo on a lot of the 6600gt's were terribly underpowered for the amount of heat they generate.

logan 10-20-07 01:10 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP and TEMP
I recently installed a Zalman FS-V7 on my XFX 6600 GT AGP. The ramsinks made it very difficult to seat the cooler, even after more than one adjustment. I still don't think it's properly seated, but my idle temps went from 61c to 50c and I haven't seen anything above 56c under load.

If you're seeing higher temps with the new cooler, maybe it's not properly seated and/or there's not enough thermal paste. The instructions with the Zalman cooler also mentioned cleaning the processor with 90% rubbing alcohol or such, before applying new thermal paste.

Thunderbird 10-20-07 04:57 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP and TEMP
His problem is just that his new fan increases the gpu temperature. This is likely due to bad contact (you need enough but not too much thermal paste) and you also need a good inlet for cold air and some way to remove hot air. If the airflow inside the case isn't right a big cooler won't help.

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