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chambersss 10-22-07 12:50 AM

home theatre/hd/cable dillema
o.k. i'll do by best to ask this question properly.......

i have a panasonic plasma
comcast cable box hd
lg compact 2:1 home theatre system

i have the cable box hooked to t.v. via hdmi cable
dvd hooked to t.v. via hdmi cable
then the red and white wires from dvd to cable

i have sound out of the t.v and speakers when watching a movie - i want this all the time....
however, when watching t.v. (cable) we can only get sound through the two speakers and not the t.v. at all unless i remove the wires from the dvd and use the red/wht wires directly from t.v. and plug into same place in the cable box that the dvd red/wht wires but then i only get sound from t.v and not speakers....

how do i get sound from t.v. and speakers at all times?? please help

Mr Bigman 10-22-07 07:41 PM

Re: home theatre/hd/cable dillema
Your format has to be the same. Its like haveing a AV reciever hooked up using a DVD player using RGB and the AV outputs to TV using Svideo no no.

make sure your cabling matches up and make sure your AV is set to auto not analog or digital.

HDMI is digital and the L R cables are analog. You want to set it up as your hearing it.

Experiment with the cabling abit to see where you get sound.

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