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Dhaval 10-22-07 01:30 AM

7600GS drivers for xenpae
Hello ,

I have gone through the many threads and sites tried various solution however, i have not been successfully in installing nvidia proprietary drivers for my xenpae kernel. here is the detail of things am using

1 nvidia 7600GS card
2 ASUS Cross hair motherboard
3 AMD 4600 Athlon X2 processor

1 OS - OpenSuse 10.3 RC1
2 NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.23-pkg1.run

JFYI, it works fine with the bigsmp kernel , i been able to install nvidia kernel module successfully using same package ( i.e NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.23-pkg1.run ).

Here is a list of things i already tried

1 patching older version of nvidia driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.11-pkg1.run as per instructions on this forum

2 tried using the xenpae kernel available with suse repository ( vmlinuz- ) with old and lastest drivers

3 compiling custom xenpae kernel

4 i also tired re-installing kernel headers out of my desperation

Well, nothing is working and only option left is to use the xorg's nvdriver however i don't want to to do that since, I'm not sure if those driver will be able to use the 3D ability of the graphic card

So has anyone been successful in installing nvidia kernel module for the xenpae (for never version)?

netllama 10-22-07 09:38 AM

Re: 7600GS drivers for xenpae
Per the forum sticky post, Xen is not currently supported.

Dhaval 10-22-07 02:37 PM

Re: 7600GS drivers for xenpae
yeap, i have seen that just wanted to know if anyone got through, thanks for the tip though.

I'm going to try the xorg nv driver for same. There is not much of 3D am doing at this moment so i guess it would be ok if that works :)

one thing am not sure about is if those nv driver will support dual head

I will update in couple of days , if i could get decent graphics and dual head working with those driver

Thanks once again :)

netllama 10-22-07 02:48 PM

Re: 7600GS drivers for xenpae
No, the nv driver does not support multiple display devices for a GeForce 7600GS

Dhaval 10-23-07 12:55 AM

Re: 7600GS drivers for xenpae
*outch* that hurts. :bash:

Thanks for saving my time :D

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