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Namrok 10-23-07 08:01 AM

Plasma Break In Period
I figure there are lots of gamers around here, so its the best place to ask.

I'm currently debating whether to get a DLP or a Plasma. I'm leaning heavily towards the Plasma, but I've been reading that you really shouldn't play games on it for the first 100-200 hours because it's especially susceptible to burn in and image retention, and the HUDs are stationary images you aught to avoid.

Did any of you even bother with this? Or did you just jump into the games? Any long term negative consequences from that? I imagine there wouldn't be, but I figured I'd check.

Tr1cK 10-23-07 08:26 AM

Re: Plasma Break In Period
I really wouldn't go plasma. It was great when LCDs first started, but now LCD technology is so much better. I would go DLP.

Namrok 10-23-07 08:37 AM

Re: Plasma Break In Period
Well, here's the thing.

I'm looking at 50" tvs. LCD is just too damn expensive at that size. With most DLPs, I'm really not happy having a bulp & color wheel that will cause problems. This only leaves the Samsung LED engine DLPs, like the HLT5087s, but they have a horrible vertical viewing angle when I've seen them in stores. So bad that standing 6 feet back, with my head dead center, the screen brightness at the top and bottom of the screen still seems dimmer. It could have just been that particular set, but I'd rather not risk it.

This brought me around to 720p plasma sets. Specifically Samsung's HPT50504 which I've read nothing but good things about, and am leaning towards heavily.

betterdan 10-23-07 08:51 PM

Re: Plasma Break In Period
Why would you have trouble with a bulb and color wheel in a DLP set?
If you can see the rainbows with the color wheel I can understand but what else would cause a problem?
The bulb will eventually burn out and they run around $250-350 I believe but are easily replaced by yourself and the set will be just like new again. If you don't want to pay the money for the bulb I can understand but what else would cause a problem?

Namrok 10-24-07 07:40 AM

Re: Plasma Break In Period
Everyone I know who owns a DLP has had either the motor that spins the color wheel burn out, or the bulb burn out prematurely. And fixing that is almost as much as the TV was in the first place. People always tell me "Oh the bulbs are usually 300-400 but a friend's family had to pay $800 for theirs, and my uncle is still tied up in warranty hell when the motor in his broke down. I'd just rather have a TV which is more reliable than a DLP is all. If you have one, and you love it, more power to you.

ENU291 10-24-07 08:52 AM

Re: Plasma Break In Period
Color wheels are a thing of the past. LED back lit engines are the future of DLP so don't let that influence your decision. Most projection based HDTVs are going to have some sort of off center viewing issues. It's the nature of the beast. If you are so concerned with burn-in then look at LCD HDTVs. I currently own a 46" Samsung 1080P LCD and it is AMAZING! I love it. Angle viewing is good and the black level the best I've ever seen on an LCD tv. What's your current budget for this purchase?

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