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mark_utpa 10-23-07 05:57 PM

Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
I have a Quadro FX 5500 card and would like to run stereo 3 (with Crystaleyes glasses) using the full screen of the CRT and have a DFP to the side to support the program control functions of my application (VMD).
Without the DFP enabled, stereo works properly.

I've subsequently used nvidia-settings to try to configure both screens.
If I configure the two screens in Twinview, glxinfo -t reports that stereo is not enabled for either monitor, despite having placed the line Option "Stereo" "3" in the xorg.conf file in the Screen 0 Section.

When I try to configure with two screens but using xinerama instead, I am also left with stereo not enabled.

I found a post from a couple of years ago in which the solution posted (from Petersik) used xinerama and turned off the EDID information to lie to the driver and tell it that the DFP was actually a CRT. Has any progress been made subsequently or is this the best practice? I am currently running the 100.14.19 drivers on Suse Linux 10.2.

If necessary, I could install something like a GeForce 5200 to drive the DFP
and leave the CRT only on the Quadro FX5500. Is that a better solution?
(My motherboard would require two Quadro FX5500s if I put another board
in the second PCIe slot, so I would have to put a PCI board in to support the
second monitor.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

netllama 10-23-07 05:59 PM

Re: Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
Please see the forum sticky posts.

mark_utpa 10-24-07 09:36 AM

Re: Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
2 Attachment(s)
I've read the sticky notes, so I'm guessing that this was a subtle prompt for the bug-report file. It's too large to post, so I broke it into two pieces and attached both parts.

Thanks for any suggestions.

netllama 10-24-07 10:32 AM

Re: Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
I suspect that part of the problem may be that you're using Xinerama:
Option "Xinerama" "1"

Does this problem persist if Xinerama is not enabled?

Also, how do you know that Stereo isn't working?

mark_utpa 10-24-07 04:53 PM

Re: Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
If I type glxinfo -t, or use the nvidia-settings application, none of the modes have the stereo bit set. Operationally, the IR emitter is never enabled and setting my application to stereo mode results in two images displayed one above the other.

I've just tried turning off xinerama and, voila, the stereo flags are set and
my application produces stereo output in a window. I've lost the ability to
drag windows from screen to screen, however. The mouse travels back and forth but dragging a window off to the right causes it to reappear on the left side of the CRT, not slide to the DFP (which is to the right).

netllama 10-24-07 05:06 PM

Re: Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
Right, that's what a lack of Xinerama should be doing. All of the behavior you're reported here is expected, and not a bug.

mark_utpa 10-24-07 06:41 PM

Re: Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
Okay, please forgive my Linux novice next question. Do I somehow configure the KDE environment to open applications on the DFP and tell my graphics
applications to open their OpenGL windows on the CRT? If so, I can find some local help for that.

Although, I was generally enamored of the Twinview concept where I could just drag stuff back and forth. Going forward, even when DFP monitors get fast enough to do stereo, I still anticipate having an asymmetric display. I'll most likely want to buy one big, expensive display monitor to visualize my results and a second, smaller and cheaper one to place the control panels. I think Twinview should evolve to support that style of use.

Thanks for your help.

netllama 10-24-07 08:17 PM

Re: Stereo with CRT and DFP monitors
I don't use KDE all that often, so I can't really say with authority whether its capable of controlling which X screens manage which apps. However, I'd think that you could specify the DISPLAY variable when starting an app to tell it which screen to run on. Something like:
DISPLAY=:0.1 xlogo
DISPLAY=:0.0 glxgears

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