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Milkkiller 04-13-03 06:53 PM

ut2003 wont patch
i keep getting an error tring to inatll the first patch 2126 in rh9.0

./update.sh: line 62: 3317 Segmentation fault loki_patch --verify patch.dat
The program returned an error code (1)


Milkkiller 04-19-03 04:31 AM


erwos 04-20-03 04:13 PM

I'm going to post a way to fix loki-update - give me a little bit.

And, yes, I do have it running with glibc 2.3 right now.


Milkkiller 04-20-03 04:50 PM

ok, is it a known problem

erwos 04-20-03 08:56 PM

Yes, this is a known problem. It popped up a little while back in Debian unstable, but it's going to start hitting every distribution soon. The really good news is, it should not be overly hard for some anonymous third party to roll _new_ patches that will work with glibc 2.3, even without the source code.

See the thread "Loki Games and glibc 2.3 Solution!" for a workaround. It's a pain in the ass, but it's almost guaranteed to work.


Milkkiller 04-21-03 12:02 AM

cool, thanks a lot.

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