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x.stretch 10-30-07 02:28 PM

Black & White TV-out (FX5200)
Recently I started building a Set top box using Freebsd 6.2
After lots of googling and trial and error, I finally got the card to output via svidio to my Tv. The only problem is, the picture is only black and white, no color what so ever! Even the Nvidia splash logo, and glxgears are grayscale.

My Depth is set to 24 (DefaultDepth also)
Tv's color settings are all fine (works great with cable)
Freebsd 6.2
Xorg 7.3
Nvidia FX 5200 (dvi / svidio) pci
Nvidia driver: 100.14.19

If needed I'll post my xorg.conf file.

Thanks in advance.

x.stretch 10-31-07 05:44 PM

Re: Black & White TV-out (FX5200)
So I've finally managed to fix my own problem, after about 2 days of googleing and trial and error. I tried setting all my settings to pretty standard ones, eg: 16bit color, 800x600, all standard nvidia settings (from the driver readme) etc.

Then I disconnect my s-video from the card / tv, and connected a,
s-video <--> rca cable. Basically the cable inputs svidio, and outputs a single rca (video) plug.

Plugged this into my Tv, and boom. Full color, Gl, etc.

Hopefully this advice helps other people out there with the same problem.

- Stretch

SirDice 11-02-07 05:35 AM

Re: Black & White TV-out (FX5200)
B/W picture on s-video usually indicates a bad cable. The difference between composite and s-video is that the color signal is separated from the image on s-video. B/W would indicate no color info is being outputted or getting through.

I've got my TV hooked up to a freebsd machine with an FX5200 using an s-video cable. Color's just fine. Don't even have anything special settings in my xorg.conf. It's just a plain conf.

Edit: One more thing that popped into my mind. How's the s-video connected to your TV? Using an s-video connector or an s-video->scart converter? I use an s-video->scart converter to feed the signal into the back of my TV. I've got 3 scart inputs and they all handle scart a little different. Not all scart TV inputs can handle the s-video signal. Check your TV manual. You may also need to switch your TV from scart/composite to scart/s-video input (check the menus on your TV).

Having said that the picture quality isn't that good and I'm thinking of building an vga -> rgb scart converter. My TV accepts rgb scart signals and it would probably improve the picture quality. IIRC the FX5200 is capable of producing the correct timings to pull this off. AFAIK not every nvidia card is able do this.

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