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Tommi 04-14-03 09:03 AM

Compiling programs in redhat 9.0

I try to rebuild sources in redhat but nothing happens...

I use command "rpm --rebuild *.src.rpm" but it says that there is no such a command like --rebuild or --recompile.

I read the manual and it says that rpm build should be installed...that it is removed for some reason which I do not understand. I couldnt find this update from update files or I didnt know which of them it is in redhat 9.0 update folder.

Please advice.

:confused: :angel: :confused:

uberpenguin 04-14-03 06:08 PM

As of Red Hat 8.0, rpm's building functions have been separated into a different executable; rpmbuild.

rpmbuild --rebuild *.src.rpm


Tommi 04-15-03 07:09 AM

thanks, it works!! :-)

Once its seems to best to compile program before installation and use sources instead of ready rpm's is there any sense to compile whole operating system from sources...this is a time consuming process. :-)

But I have understood that this really could optimize my system and improve its system stability to totally new level. Am I right?

uberpenguin 04-15-03 03:21 PM

Maybe, you wont see earth shattering performance increases though. Your best increases will come from media apps. Try using the --target option to make sure it's compiled and optimised for your architecture:

rpmbuild --rebuild --target=ARCH *.src.rpm

where ARCH is your architecture; e.g. i686 for P3, i586 for P2 & P1, athlon for athlons...


Tommi 04-16-03 05:15 AM

thanks for good advice... :-)


Cigarman 04-17-03 03:02 PM

RH9.0 nforce2 driver compile
Anyone get the latest nforce drivers to compile? Im trying under redhat 9 and neither package will compile (source rpm or tar). I want these to work since they enable the SPDIF output under linux. Any ideas/hints/pointers appreciated.

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