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jamex27 10-31-07 02:26 PM

Intel overclocking newbie
Hi, I got good at overclocking Athlons, but with my new intel system, memory settings seem a little bit different.

I'm able to set my FSB to 445, so I can overclock my CPU to 4.0 ghz, but what should be the memory ratio, so I can keep my memory at DDR 2 1066 ??

I have an Abit IP-35 e mobo by the way.

Thanks a lot!!

Uberpwnage 10-31-07 05:49 PM

Re: Intel overclocking newbie
What Intel CPU do you have? what cooling? If it's a core 2 based processor, I seriously doubt 4GHz will be realistically stable unless you have water cooling or better, and got lucky with your cpu.

But as far as your memory settings, 5:6 would be the ratio you would need for DDR2 1066. However, anything other than 1:1 would be less then optimal when overclocking because it will compromise your stability. IMO, you should probably run it at a 1:1 ratio for DDR2 890 and tighten your timings.

buffbiff21 10-31-07 07:22 PM

Re: Intel overclocking newbie

jamex27 10-31-07 09:56 PM

Re: Intel overclocking newbie
Thanks a lot guys!!
I have a q6600 G0, I'm shooting for 4 ghz, its an used one, previous owner is a friend and had it at 4105 actually, I'm shooting for 4.0 ghz. I got water cooling. Sorry my n00bnes with Intel cpu's, still trying to understand how their memory dividers work...I'll post my results later.

Uberpwnage, i'm gonna try your suggestion and test which mem setting gives me more performance. Thanks!!!

Uberpwnage 10-31-07 10:12 PM

Re: Intel overclocking newbie
You actually might get better performance w/ the lower timings. Either way, the extra MHz on the CPU will help more, gl oc'ing ;)

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