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LORD-eX-Bu 11-02-07 08:46 PM

new trailer...
don't know if this has already been posted, check it out its freaking cool! :D


FearMeAll 11-02-07 08:58 PM

Re: new trailer...
what pc were they running that on? so smooth...

Ambrose 11-02-07 09:10 PM

Re: new trailer...
WOW! These trailers never cease to amaze me. And yeah, that did look like it was running pretty smooth.

Also, I bet that chick is the Korean scientist who made the distress call o.O

Mr_LoL 11-03-07 12:04 AM

Re: new trailer...
That sounds exactly like Jack Carver.

m3dude 11-03-07 01:21 AM

Re: new trailer...
ummm the demo runs smooth too if u keep the resolution low at very high settings on a gtx. also that might have been dx 9 high settings, which runs smooth on a single gtx up to about 1680x1050

Crow_Nest 11-03-07 01:32 AM

Re: new trailer...

Originally Posted by Mr_LoL
That sounds exactly like Jack Carver.

Maybe it IS Jack Carver... The voice actor i mean. :captnkill:

And that trailer is awesome, cant wait for the 16th.

K007 11-03-07 03:04 AM

Re: new trailer...
woah...a chick O.o...

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