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JohnsonLKD 08-22-02 07:54 AM

Awesome C&c Generals Screen Shots!











Gehenna_CA 08-23-02 07:24 PM

What the heck are the green guys driving in picture 9? Modified John Deere Tractors of Death? Seriously, this game looks great. If the gameplay lives up to the graphics I just might get back into the series.

-=DVS=- 08-23-02 08:34 PM

OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME when is it released ????:confused:

how is it call i wanna have this game :D :p

looks realy much more fun then the original 2d ;)

-=DVS=- 08-23-02 08:41 PM

ROLF First thing you should build in this game is MONSTER BUGGY

PCarr78 08-23-02 10:34 PM

hope it won't suck like renegade did!

-=DVS=- 08-23-02 10:44 PM


Originally posted by [Corporal Dan]
hope it won't suck like renegade did!
well renegade is fun online you get to drive tanks and all :rolleyes:

but i would prefer real stuff like current tech tanks and jeeps , not imaginary mammonth from renegade :rolleyes:

SOF2 with cars and tanks would be fun :eek: :p

volt 08-23-02 10:44 PM

At first glance http://ftp.gamekorea.net/gameshot/Sc...pc/cncgen8.jpg looked like a bumpmap :)
(The ground of course)

volt 08-23-02 10:47 PM


Originally posted by DVS
...how is it call i wanna have this game :D :p

looks realy much more fun then the original 2d ;)

It's called Command & Conquer: Generals :D :D

nin_fragile14 08-24-02 12:06 AM

It's great how Direct X 8 games are finally being released; (UT2003, NOLF 2, Generals, etc) look amazing. This especially

StealthHawk 08-24-02 04:51 AM

the game is coming out sometime next year. it was originally supposed to come out in Fall of this year, but you know delays and C&C games. i believe they were actually promising the game to be out this year, big mistake :p

but wow, those graphics are pretty nice. looks like WC3 with nicer textures :)

i'm still betting that WC3 will be the better balanced RTS though when it comes to multiplayer. but Westwood has definitely sold me on buying Generals

Brimstone 08-24-02 09:17 PM

The graphics are very impressive. Of course it all boils down to gameplay in the end though.

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