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boberson 04-15-03 04:19 AM

AMD 751/756 PM / Win98 SE probs
My system won't reboot, but will shut down some of the time when I select it and has boot sector errors almost every day that I have to fix with Scandisk (I'm thinking the boot errors might be a bad cable or something, haven't tried switching just yet). My PC will shut down after fixing the boot sector errors with Scandisk. I have used both Maxtor's and WD's HDD tools to scan for errors, and there were none. I'm thinking this has something to do with the AMD PM / ACPI drivers, so I installed all the latest AMD chipset drivers including the AMD Power Management Contoller, but the AMD PM Driver appears to not work correctly. In the device manager under the System Devices section I click on the AMD Power management controller, select properties, then click on the "Driver" tab. It reads "No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device. To update the driver files for this device, click update driver." I have other power management drivers installed (ACPI), so this could be why, but what do I need to do? I uninstalled the ACPI drivers and after rebooting, Window$ uninstalled almost every PCI device (VERY Strange) so I had to reinstall almost every PCI device (ARRRGH). Window$ tries to reinstall the "AMD 756 Power Management Controller" even if I delete it in HKLM Enum in the Registry after a reboot. I even deleted the AMD PM "INF Installation" in the Control Panel Uninstall applet that came with the drivers. I wrote and responded to the AMD techs several times, and they said that driver was for notebooks and that if I couldn't uninstall it, to leave it alone? Strange again. Here are what the other drivers are in the Device Manager under System Devices: ACPI System Button, ACPI BIOS, Composite Power Source, SCI IRQ used by ACPI Bus, and finally the System Board Extention for ACPI BIOS. My system isn't a laptop, so is the Composite Power Source installation in the Device Manager Needed? I'm using Win98SE on the AMD 751/756 Chipset with a"Classic" Athlon Slot A 950. Using a Gateway Jabil Kadoka rev.4 board, Asus Geforce 4 ti 4400 (AGP 1x mode, which I HATE and can't change even though they say it's an AGP 2x mobo), 320 MB Crucial PC133 SDRAM, SB Audigy, a 20GB Quantum Fireball (C: ), a 20 GB WD Caviar (D: ) and an Antec TruePower 380W PSU. I installed the latest Win98SE Shutdown patch from Microsoft as well.

StealthHawk 04-15-03 03:39 PM


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