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mullet 11-06-07 12:17 PM

Post your predictions.
How long until Blue-Ray is gone due to the outrageously awesome HD-DVD player prices?

I think by next fall.

SOAD 11-06-07 12:47 PM

Re: Post your predictions.
They are still around?



lduguay 11-06-07 01:22 PM

Re: Post your predictions.
I think both will fade to oblivion. The same happend to HDCD, SACD and DVD-A... All the clueless Joe six packs will kill both formats.

DRen72 11-06-07 01:50 PM

Re: Post your predictions.
I think the format war will continue. I think the holidays will see some low priced Blu-Ray players too. So its back to which one to pick.

mullet 11-07-07 10:50 AM

Re: Post your predictions.
90,000 HD DVD players sold in one weekend


Stoneyguy 11-07-07 11:23 AM

Re: Post your predictions.
I would be amazed if any format took over DVD sales in the next 5 years.

DRen72 11-08-07 02:47 PM

Re: Post your predictions.

evilchris 11-08-07 07:31 PM

Re: Post your predictions.
Nielson #'s are cute. What they don't show is the pie is a whole bunch of nothing. HDM is 1% of the disc sales market. Studios are not looking at Nielson for decisions right now, they are looking at attach rates.

PS3 gave BD a running start, but it is not sustaining. They need to sell standalones. The problem is, their standalones are overpriced crap.

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