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afeet 11-08-07 03:52 AM

Wrong colors Dual Head Nvidia GeForce 4 4200 Go
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I want to use two external Screens on my Dell Inspiron 8500 Noteboot wich has a nvidia GeForce 4 4200 Go Graphics adaptor.
My System is Ubuntu 7.10. I use the nvidia-glx driver. With nvidia-settings i configured x-server to use the two external screens (BenQ FP71V+) as twin view.
One of the screens is connected to DVI, the other one to VGA.

On booting I see the splash screen on the one connectes to DVI with right colours. The other screen remains black.After starting the x-server the one on VGA turns on and becomes the main screen and the other one shows the ubuntu background in colors like a rainbow. It seems the screen unses only a part of the color depth. Light brown to dark brown becomes to red scross yellow and green to blue.

When using the internal screen instaed as 2nd instead of the DVI connected everithing is fine.

When booting windows I can unse both external screens.

Can anybody help me?

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