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jroggow 11-08-07 02:45 PM

nVidia Driver consumes CPU
I'm trying to build a Linux HTPC. I have a dual core 64 bit Opteron with an nVidia GeForce 7300 GT and Slackware 12 with a custom kernel.

I've tried a number of nVidia drivers. I had trouble building the kernel module until finding a patch for the x86-1.0-9755 at http://home.hiwaay.net/~craigg/linux/NV_patch.html. After patching the module compiled. I get no errors in the X11 log or the nvidia-installer log; all of the modules including nvidia seem to load successfully after startx. However, the X server consumes virtually all of the CPU resources and all I see is a black screen. SSH lets me poke around and X is running like mad.

I've tried tweaking the xorg.conf file but I've not found the solution yet, and I'm suspect the problem isn't a simple configuration error.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


netllama 11-08-07 02:49 PM

Re: nVidia Driver consumes CPU
I'm not clear why you're using an old, unsupported version of the nvidia driver, when 100.14.19 should install just fine with your kernel?

Also, see the forum sticky posts.

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