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gnoift 11-08-07 03:44 PM

2x7800gtx driving 2 LCD's.

Can someone, please tell me how to configure my hardware setup to drive each lcd from a single card. i.e. 1gtx drive one LCD and the other gtx drives the other LCD.

I'm running ASUS a8n sli delux motherboard - should I have the dongle thingie point to dual card setup? Should I use the SLI dongle and connect the two cards together?

Also, is it possible to run two x-servers. Say, login as one user on the one LCD, and another user on the other LCD.

Also, some helpful settings with nvidia-xconfig would be much appreciated to detect and configure the xorg.conf file for this setup. If possible to run two Xservers, one for each LCD, that would also be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

AaronP 11-08-07 05:58 PM

Re: 2x7800gtx driving 2 LCD's.
You don't need the SLI bridge for running separate displays, but you probably do want to set the motherboard dongle to multi-card mode, as I think that affects the PCI-E lane width. You can check the lane width of each GPU in nvidia-settings after X is running. As for running multiple X servers (so-called "multiseat"), such configurations are not officially supported, but may work. To configure a normal multi-screen X server, run nvidia-xconfig -a

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