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hits79 11-11-07 01:10 AM

hey guys, this my first time post here, so here goes...

well main reason why i came here is to post about my guild that is recruiting for Aion game. made by ncsoft, the creators of Lineage 2. If you like wow or lineage2, this game will be inbetween both, so like you have lineage2 graphics, but wow gamplay. Two playable race, Elyos (good) & Asmodians (evil), my guild will be going with Elyos since like 90% of people i know are going Asmodians :/. We are recruiting for new members. anyone intersted in the game or my guild, visit us at www.87baboclub.com, there are links on my site to various Aion fan site, if you choose not to be with us :'(

Also guys if this bothers the mod in anyway i am sorry, as this will probley be my first and last time here, i just came to post about my guild.


LORD-eX-Bu 11-11-07 09:13 AM

Reported as SPAM.

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