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ndee 04-15-03 04:29 PM

TwinView on Laptop - CRT display not detected under X
running a laptop with the GeForce2Go (Acer LCD) and a Belinea 105075 connected under MDK 9.1 with nv4349 works good before starting X - (of course no real twinview there)

When I start X with TwinView configured, Xfree86.0.log says,
"Only one display connected: disabling TwinView"

Why this now - it worked with the 2960 drivers under MDK9.0

What the heck am I doing wrong here now?:angel:

thx for any help


Andy Mecham 04-15-03 06:39 PM

Please post a verbose X log.


Andy Mecham 04-15-03 06:39 PM

... and your XF86Config file. :)


ndee 04-16-03 12:34 AM

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sorry, here's my config....:cool:

Andy Mecham 04-16-03 12:37 AM

And your X log...? ;)


ndee 04-16-03 12:40 AM

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...and here the log...

(the log with which it now worked at least a little bit, but the resolution on the screens is horrible. Not what I used to have.

Any other settings of "connectedmonitor" leads in running the tft with 1400x1050 nicely but no external display.

Hope you can really help, Andy


aritger 04-16-03 01:06 AM

Could you post a verbose XFree86 log file without the IgnoreEDID and ConnectedMonitor options set?

ndee 04-16-03 02:06 AM

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wow - I appreciate these fast responses a lot - that's great!

thx a lot


...here is the requested log

Please note that when I start this, the second display (a CRT) just clicks once and then goes black. On console before, it shows everything.

aritger 04-16-03 08:38 AM

Are you sure that's a verbose log file (generated with `startx -- -logverbose 5`)? A verbose log would contain any EDID information, which this log does not appear to have.

It does not appear that the attached CRT is detected. If the CRT does not provide an EDID, then the driver may not be able to detect it.

Here are the options I would try:

MetaModes (what you have now is fine)
ConnectedMonitor "CRT, DFP"
SecondMonitorHorizSync "29-65"
SecondMonitorVertRefresh "0-60"

And change the "Monitor" in your Screen section to be the "Belinea" instead of the LCD (in this case, the CRT is the first monitor, and the LCD is the second).

Let us know how that goes.

ndee 04-16-03 03:25 PM

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thanks for the hints - here is the verbose logfile

I had to change the settings as you suggested to make the crt become active and having both displays - but it looks horrible on the crt -

on the console (vga=794) even with bootsplash the crt runs with an excellent resolution and refreshrate. It almost displays in better quality than the dfp on the laptop.

We'll have to get some beers if we make my system run again nicely:afro:

ndee 04-26-03 02:53 PM

no help in sight?
do I have to shoot myself now or buy a new laptop?:confused:


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