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Zeta 11-12-07 01:49 AM

Best way to find an HD TV deal?
I guess the title says it. I am looking to buy a 65" or > DLP projection HD TV. What is the best way to find a great deal?

Costco has a Mitsubishi 65" 1080P with stand for $1799. I think I should jump on it. I cant really find any reviews on the TV though. Checking at AVS it sounds like this is a TV that was just made for Costco. I am stuck and work and I dont have the model number with me. Looking at any other 65" TV's they are $2,000+ (with no stand). Does Mitsubishi make any crappy TV's?

The only complaints at AVS was lack of connections. It has 2 HDMI and 2 composite which I feel is more than plenty for me. I only use 1 HDMI and 1 composite on my current TV.

Should I wait until black friday? I seem to recall some deals last year where you buy a TV and get a free sound system (which I also need btw).

The more I type the more I realize how much help I need. Is there a noob HD guide out there somewhere? What is the best method to hook up my audio from my Toshiba A2 to a audio system?

Sorry for all the questions. I just really need some help on some of the basics.

Ding! 300 posts.

betterdan 11-12-07 04:31 AM

Re: Best way to find an HD TV deal?
The only 65" Mitsubishi I see on Costco's site is the WD65833 click here
If that is the one then that's a pretty damn good deal. I doubt it is though because you said it only had 2 HDMI inputs and that one has 4.

Zeta 11-12-07 10:57 AM

Re: Best way to find an HD TV deal?
Now that I am home I have the model - Mitsubishi WD-C657

I found the product page for it too http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/j/i/183....html?cid=5495

betterdan 11-12-07 04:30 PM

Re: Best way to find an HD TV deal?
Looks good to me. On that page you linked to it says it has 3 HDMI connections by the way.

Xav 11-13-07 08:36 AM

Re: Best way to find an HD TV deal?
Check your local Fry's if you have one...this month they have been doing some killer deals.

Picked up 2 Sony 60 inch LCoS models from them this month. a KDS 60a2000 for $1295 and a KDS 60a3000 for $1599.

Watch the AVS forum for deal listings too as they tend to share info about who and where has deals going.

As to your Mitsu quality question...every Mitsu tv I've owned has been nothing but quality. I was going to go with them again this time if not for those Sony deals.

Zeta 11-15-07 01:07 AM

Re: Best way to find an HD TV deal?
Thanks for your responses. I went ahead and got it from Costco. I will not have time to play with it until Friday or Saturday. Should be fun though. Now I just need to get the Matrix ultimate collection or Planet Earth.

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