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leks 11-12-07 05:30 PM

Tearing on TVout with 8500GT
some days ago I bought a 8500GT to build up a media pc.
Currently I use only a TV connected to the svideo port. I try to get a smooth video output, but I doesnt.
If I disable VSync for XVideo I have tearing.
If I enable VSync for XVideo I get a non smooth, surge video playback.

Currenly I dont have any idea to fix that problem.
Is there anybody to give me a hint?

Best regarts

voltaicsca 11-12-07 11:26 PM

Re: Tearing on TVout with 8500GT
this sounds like a refresh rate issue.
i would find out what the refresh rate of the monitor is and match it to the refresh in your xorg.conf.
there are some additional things you can do to improve quality if you are doing an analog output, for example, to svideo. they are fairly well documented in the driver readme (not telling you that to be rude, or anything, it's just been a while since i messed with it)
like i said, though, my bets are on refresh rate, or maybe configuration of the application that is playing video.

leks 11-13-07 06:31 AM

Re: Tearing on TVout with 8500GT

I have only connected a TV to the svideo connector. No monitor.
In my xorg.conf I have used a lot of options (e.g. TVStandard "PAL-B" etc.) to set xorg correctly.
If it is a refresh rate issue, how can I change the refresh rate fot the TV? The nvidia-settings tool shows alway 60 Hz. Should it be 50 Hz for PAL-B?

Best regards

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