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UbuNv 11-13-07 01:42 AM

driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
Hello! I'm a nvidia-user come from Italy, so sorry for my terrible english :(

I try to explain my problem, I've got random freezes when I install the drivere 100.14.xxx in my ubuntu gutsy gibbon 7.10...

I know that this problem afflict more people, but I don't understand if Nvidia is working to correct it, and if the answer is "Yes", if there is a date for the next and correct drivers...

sorry again for my english!

see you soon!

I try with sperimental patch, the problem of freezes I think its resolve, but there are more problem with 3d Effects and the games :( , so If you can tell me if Nvidia working on bug..


UbuNv 11-13-07 05:18 PM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
nobody can help me? :(

Sblantipodi 11-14-07 04:28 AM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
I'm quite happy with 100.14.19...

What driver are you using?
They are working as far as I know at 100.14.23 that should correct some problem...


UbuNv 11-14-07 06:26 AM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
I'm using 100.14.19, but I also try with 100.14.23

now I try to set my kernel boot with idle=poll and/or maxcpus=1 but I think it's not a good solution! because so my computer use ONLY one cpu right? in fact in my system monitor I've only one cpu :'(

actually with::
idle=poll and/or maxcpus=1

I haven't freeze about 15minutes! but I'm serious worried because my system see only one cpu :'(

UbuNv 11-14-07 06:37 PM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
I can confirm, after some hour with 3d effects enable, Xmoto (a game) running, and with tvtime, I've not freezes! but I think that only one cpu is not the real solution...

I hope in Nvidia work!

zander 11-15-07 10:47 AM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
Please see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=46678.

UbuNv 11-15-07 08:10 PM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
2 Attachment(s)
here the log files, (I send the same log with the mail)

but why my computer don't get freeze if I use maxcpus=1 ?


UbuNv 11-18-07 06:48 AM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
:D with Nvidia 169.04 drivers, my computer have not freezes!!!

thx Nvidia!

neonard0 11-18-07 10:32 AM

Re: driver 100.14.xxx bug? correct?
yeah the current driver had some bug with some card chips like mine , (I have a 7300LE video card) and the stable version of the driver freezes a lot but the beta version have fixed this and now there is no problem.

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