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HarryDude 11-13-07 11:39 AM

Stock fan on core2duo limit?
Right, I've recently got a new motherboard, a nice sli one.
I've noticed that I can overlclock my e6600 2.4 to some good speeds without any signs of unstability. Currently it's clocked at 3.24ghz and I'm wondering how far the stock fan will actually take it? shall I just keep boosting it up gradually and see when it starts randomly shutting down/overheating?

XDanger 11-13-07 04:11 PM

Re: Stock fan on core2duo limit?
Sounds like a plan to me :)

$n][pErMan 11-13-07 05:42 PM

Re: Stock fan on core2duo limit?
Uhhhh... monitor your temps while doing this... don't count on a shutdown as keeping your CPU safe.

DRen72 11-13-07 09:24 PM

Re: Stock fan on core2duo limit?
And just keep in mind that because it works today at a certain speed, it may not tomorrow if its warmer in the house. Always leave some headroom when it comes to cooling. Never run at the limit.

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