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ghostryder 04-16-03 12:20 AM

Problem RedHat 9 + Ti4200 + 8RDA+
Hi! I'm using RedHat 9.0 and a PNY Verto Ti4200, an Epox 8RDA+ and an AMD 2400+. I have got a flat paneI, Fujistu-Siemens 463V FA. I have installed the latest nvidia drivers, everything works but my letters aren't just black, they have something like a shadow; colors are red and blue... I have activated "Use SUB-PIXEL-HINTING" but whatever i choose there, nothing changes... And the sharpness isn't as good as it is when im running windows. Has anybody got an idea, that can help me??? Thanx Rob

pabloat 05-26-03 10:36 AM

ti4200 + RH 9, need link whwre to download driver
hi, where did u downloaded the drivers for ti422 for linux RH 9?? i went to nvidia web site but i didnt find drivers for linux RH 9..... thanx

pabloat 05-26-03 10:37 AM

stupid me!
me again i wrote ti422 instaed of ti4200 td

ste 05-26-03 12:08 PM

You are perhaps using a DVI cable with your flat panel display... I (and others, before and after me) has posted threads about this problem. Search for DVI or psychedelic colors or similar to feel less alone with the problem.

Then, my suggestion is to post a bug to nVidia since the more bug reports the greater effort they ought to put into trying to fix it, quick!... :D eeh!

The only workaround seems to be to use a VGA cable, it works but with a bit worse quality.


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