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pyrael 11-14-07 12:38 PM

7200GS cannot adjust brightness
I recently downloaded the latest driver from nvidia for this card (ASUS EN7200GS PCIe X16). With the standard x11 driver I was able to adjust the gamma, brightness etc...

Now with this driver, While I now can run OpenGL 3D games, I cannot adjust the brightness, Gamma etc. All I am able to adjust is the digital vibrance, and the sharpness.

What can I do to "temporarily" fix this until the a new driver with a proper fix is available?

My GL game (Plane shift) Is sooooo dark that I cannot see where I am going.

Please help



Forgot to add my system specs:
Abit AW8
Pentium D 3.0
Fedora 7 (CCRMA realtime kernel)

The driver installer built the module against my kernel and video is fine in everything except 3D

pyrael 11-15-07 11:22 AM

Re: 7200GS cannot adjust brightness
ok, I found a "workaround"

I upgraded to the newest kernel (via synaptic) and installed the driver etc that way.
It seems ok, I now have:
Color correction
See attached screenshot below

Here's what I am using :
xorg-x11-drv-nvidia 100.14.19-3.lvn7

I'm not sure if the livna part matters, but it is one of the repos I frequent After installing these and booting into the new kernel, The nVidia X server X settings app now shows more options. Perhaps building against my non-standard kernel was a problem? Although I don't see why being that there is only one extra patch included (AFAIK)

Well, Either way, I hope this info helps other users with the same problem.

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