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Kinslayer 11-15-07 01:19 AM

NVidia driver on multimedia kernels? [init_level4_pgt]
I'm trying to get the NVidia driver (100.14.19) running on 2.6.24-rc2-mm1. On the regular 2.6.24 kernel, the driver works fine... however the multimedia [realtime] patch no longer exports the init_level4_pgt symbol in the kernel, so the driver can't load.

I'm not a kernel programmer and have no idea what this symbol is used for... I'm just wondering if there's a workaround? :) I've used the nvidia driver with multimedia kernels before. I guess I could change the patch and make sure the symbol is still exported, but I'm hoping someone could tell me what the implications are, and how this issue will be dealt with in the future.


zander 11-15-07 10:50 AM

Re: NVidia driver on multimedia kernels? [init_level4_pgt]
Please attach an nvidia-installer.log file that captures the problem; if the problem is that the init_level4_pgt symbol is picked up implicitely by macros used by the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver, but is not exported (or only exported to GPL licensed kernel modules), you will need to bring this problem up with the maintainer of the -mm* patch set.

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