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Tommi 04-16-03 06:09 AM

Is there a bencmark program for system stability?

I have been pondering that could there be a program which benchmarks system stability.

Such a program would simulate all kind of user situations and test if system crashes... ;-)

I could imagine a system - a huge 100000 processor system which run all most used programs in Windows 2000 and tries to make it crash. After the system crashes it could create a very detailed logfile that what went wrong.

By using this huge system they could finaly find all the design flaws in Windows or in whatever system and finally mankind could have an OS which never crashed cos it has no errors in it.

That testprogram could run for years and year...and someday - maybe after 50 years of all research work we could have a dream OS...which never fails.

What do you think of this? Is this totally sci-fi dream?


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brendan_orr 04-17-03 12:28 AM

There was one that I saw in a Debian install that I had quite a time ago.

here's one resource.
Hmm, dangit I can't remeber the name. I can always pop my Debian 2.2 disk in :P

Oh, and that 100000-or so processor computer that you were talking about, do you mean something like this
Some specs of the "Earth Simulator" Project:
Peak performance:40 TFlops (40,000,000,000 floating-point operations/second)
Memory: 40 TB (yes, terabytes)

you may drool now

Tommi 04-17-03 04:27 AM




:D :D :D

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