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edman007 11-16-07 03:22 PM

Something is drawing lines on my screen
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I run compiz and i have a lot of windows open, enough that with my 128MB of VRAM mplayer and mythtv can't play because they get a "BadAlloc" error (BTW, when is this going to be fixed?). Anyways i installed the 169.04 driver and now it seems whenever i set at a window that does nothing (no redraws) lines start drawing at the top of the screen, i can see the line drawing (takes maybe 3-4 seconds) and then they all flash and it looks like some icon is visible in the lines, then it starts drawing a line below the others, and it keeps working its way down until i trigger a redraw in the window below it (like scroll)

Kame 11-17-07 08:45 AM

Re: Something is drawing lines on my screen
Redraw problem here also.

With Compiz-Fusion on, windows that update on different viewport from the one in use completely mess up.
New text/data is writteno on old one.

Mainly in KDE apps running gnome.

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