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Gnaddel 11-17-07 03:10 AM

Can not read game DVD
Hi there,

My copy of crysis finally arrived today, however, it doesn't work :(

Vista gives a short error msg. and nothing happens.
(Disc can not be read, check format)

The disc DOES work in my notebook, is there any way this could be a software problem? I mean, the disc seems to work fine in my Ibook, but my DVD drive still reads other games and dvds just fine.

Help...... wanna play crysis (bur)

Would it work if I get all the files of the disc using the ibook, copy them to my pc, and install the game there? (Of course, I would have to use a no cd crack, but could I install the game?)

Gnaddel 11-17-07 04:42 AM

Re: Can not read game DVD
Solved, got another DVD drive from a friend, works, leaving to buy myself a new one now ;)

XP_GUN 11-17-07 03:31 PM

Re: Can not read game DVD
I too have a problem when reading, lucky after 1 min it finally reads it with no problem.

Crow_Nest 11-18-07 03:02 AM

Re: Can not read game DVD
The game disc aint that great. It didnt work on my DVD drive and had to change it in order to get it to even read the disc. My friend also experienced the exact same problem when he purchased the game. And his was the standard edition, mine was the special.

Its either pure concidence or the factory discs just plain suck.

john19055 11-18-07 04:07 PM

Re: Can not read game DVD
There does seem to be a problem with it reading the disk,It takes about 2 to 3 minutes before it reconises the disk in the drive.

Eliminator 11-18-07 10:33 PM

Re: Can not read game DVD
my old LG 16x dvd drive wont read it at all... my pioneer dvr 111 burner works fine though

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