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TonyT 11-17-07 10:34 PM

Ubuntu video driver error
hey everyone. I'm a former windows user and I made the switch to Ubuntu. unfortunately, I didn't get very far berfore I hit a small problem; after trying to enable desktop effects and installing the needed nVidia driver, ubuntu looks more like ms-dos than it does win. Vista... :thumbdwn:

any help would be greatly apreciated.....

Computer settup:

Ubuntu feisty fawn (wubi'd so I still have vista)
AMD X2 4200+
msi k9vgmv mobo (soon to be asus m2n32)
nVidia/gigabyte 8800 GTS
X-Fi sound card
RAZER krait mouse

Tony T.

P.S. Sorry if a thread like this is already in existance; I couldn't find anything based on the description / first 2 posts

TonyT 11-18-07 08:40 AM

Re: Ubuntu video driver error

Tony T.

gbil 11-18-07 08:53 AM

Re: Ubuntu video driver error
Check the sticky posts for Ubuntu specific issues and how to produce a bug-report.

TonyT 11-18-07 09:03 AM

Re: Ubuntu video driver error
see, the problem is that I can't quite understand all of that..... I'm not computer illeterate, but I'm not a programmer either.

energyman76b 11-18-07 09:22 AM

Re: Ubuntu video driver error
the problem is, that you don't even tell us your problem!

First of all, go back to the ubuntu websites and start reading their documentation. There is certainly a howto describing what you have to do to get nvida&compiz running. If you still have problems after that, tell us exactly what kind of problems. Also as root (or with that sudo crap) run nvidia-bug-report.sh. Just open a shell like konsole and run it. Post the output here.

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