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billydv 11-19-07 09:04 PM

169 Drivers worse than stable
I really had high hopes for this release but I believe these are even worse!!! I run gentoo amd64 on an asus a8n32 sli deluxe with an 8800 gts, compiz-fusion latest from git. Until this driver release I simply gave up on dpms. I disabled it in xorg.conf because anytime the monitor went into standby I would return to a black desktop with only a mouse that moved with no ability to do anything but restart x. Sometimes if you waited long enough the desktop would return....Sometimes. Now I once again tried dpms to no avail. Every time I returned after typing in my name at the login box I would get the same black desktop with a moving mouse. After once again disabling dpms in xscreensaver and xorg I tried my old setup with no dpms, no vsync in compiz or nvidia settings, and electric sheep as the screensaver with no standby set, WHAT DO I FIND, this doesnt work with the 169 drivers either!!!! Each time I would get that same black desktop even with dpms disabled!!!! Ive just reinstalled the 100.14.19 drivers and Im hoping for the best. Although Ive always supported Nvidia strongly, Im now considering trying an ATI card. Nvidia, with all due respect, You need to set up some Gentoo systems with amd processors and your 7800 and 8800 cards and try running compiz-fusion and then have dpms go through its modes to see what Im talking about, This shouldnt happen.

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