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seeker 11-20-07 02:32 PM

Dvico Fusion HDTV Tuner
I was planning to buy a regular HDTV, but I couldn't find a store where I could see what the picture quality would be on just an antenna. Thinking about a comment that one store clerk made, that using a HDTV tuner with a CRT would be equal in quality to a HDTV. it seemed like a good idea to buy a tuner instead.

The only tuner that I have found that works with XP x64 and Linux, as well as the other Windows OSs is the one in the title of this thread, but before buying one, I would like to hear anyone's comments about this...expecially someone that has used this tuner.

Lyme 11-20-07 06:13 PM

Re: Dvico Fusion HDTV Tuner
nevermind, answered the wrong question.

seeker 11-20-07 08:06 PM

Re: Dvico Fusion HDTV Tuner
i'm glad that the email notifications contain the actual response, because even though you didn't answer my question, it was still good to hear someone confirm what the salesman told me.

As for watching TV on the CRT, that will just be temporary, until I make a decision. The way that my space is laid out, I can just swing the CRT around and watch from either the couch or the recliner. Even that isn't necessary now, because my current tuner works with my analog TV and that's already pointed the right way.

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