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Sycario 11-21-07 02:22 PM

realms and nvnews players
Do any of the nvnews people have chars on a certain realm? I want to start a horde char and was wondering who played where.

newfiejudd 11-21-07 10:17 PM

Re: realms and nvnews players
I have three Toons on Darkspear Horde.

Medion 11-21-07 10:48 PM

Re: realms and nvnews players
I'm Elune Alliance. If you like PvE, don't roll horde on our server. The balance is 2.1 to 1, alliance, and there's really only a handful of horde raid guilds worth anything. Only one has gotten past SSC/TK.

If you like PvP, then our server is great for Horde. Horde win over 90% of all BGs on the Ruin battlegroup. Honor is blazing fast.

lIqUID 11-22-07 12:03 AM

Re: realms and nvnews players
I have 2 70s and 3 30+ on Lethon horde.

I think my wife was telling me Bestbuy will have WoW on sale Friday for $10. I might get her into it this weekend, because I hate levelling solo.

Tr1cK 11-22-07 08:33 AM

Re: realms and nvnews players
I'm not as much into playing as I used to be.

I have Horde on Zuljin, Stormrage, Smolderthorn.

Been playing on Azgalor Alliance lately.

Dvahlish 11-22-07 09:54 PM

Re: realms and nvnews players
Blood Elf pally
Tauren druid
Blood elf warlock

All on Frostmoune-US

Good server, plenty of players, always someone narounde to help out.
I enjoy it .

Son Goku 11-25-07 05:57 AM

Re: realms and nvnews players
Aman'Thul is mostly my alliance realm with a 70 Nelf Hunter, 65 Nelf rogue, 62 Draenie warrior, among others. I do have 1 Belf hunter there, about 35; which sorta ended up in my former (rogue still in it) guild. When the guild master left for 2 months without a word, and the mass exodus began (my main left also, officer though he was), another officer started a horde guild for a bunch of us to get together :lol2:

I've got a 70 Orc hunter on Gnomeragan, and haven't really played him much, but a 25 troll hunter on Barthilas (which is a PvP realm). Mostly, one of the people who I played with from August last year, ended up with a bunch of real world friends rolling horde on Barthilas and formed a guild together. I created a guy over there, after he told me about it. Was familiar with the quests anyhow, having had a (then 69) orc on a dif realm.

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