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jadjay 11-22-07 03:57 AM

Screen bug with nvidia driver
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Here is my problem when I set my resolution to 1440x900 it is like nvidia doesn't send a good resolution definition to my screen (IISONIC modele IIW9M) which is able to do 1440x900 and which shows something like a 1440x800, like in pictures there : http://jad-jay.net/resolution/

Hope read you soon about that,


energyman76b 11-22-07 06:22 AM

Re: Screen bug with nvidia driver
remove the Modes from xorg.conf and retry.
remove Horizsync 30.0 - 150.0
Vertrefresh 50.0 - 130.0

and retry

jadjay 11-22-07 07:55 AM

Re: Screen bug with nvidia driver
Yes ! Working so good ! :captnkill: (nana2) :D :afro2:
How is this possible to remove modes set a good resolution?
ThanXs you so much energyman76b!

Could you give me a tips about what was wrong in my config?

energyman76b 11-22-07 08:07 AM

Re: Screen bug with nvidia driver
because if you don't use modes the monitor and graphic driver are free to find the optimal solution via ddc/edid.

As soon as you start setting stuff you override this.

That is why ubuntu's xorg.conf is an example of a crappy xorg.conf. Full of unneeded, harmfull modelines.

btw, if you change resolution on the fly with xrandr or krandrtray you won't get black lines or the 'magnfying glass' effect, you'll get with modes set in xorg.conf.

jadjay 11-22-07 08:12 AM

Re: Screen bug with nvidia driver
ThanXs i will post this to ubuntu bugs reply

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