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ChiBChombo 11-22-07 12:37 PM

Alright, my comp is on my sig, and yes I know it's not a good computer to run Crysis at its best. Anyways, I started Crysis, 20-30 FPS the WHOLE time on the first map on High Settings and 8xAA, no problems at all.

Got to the cutscene where the Demo ends, got past it etc, and got to the point where you get to a Korean Camp all frozen and stuff.. My FPS DIED there, I had around... 5-10, I figured ok its probably the freezing effect etc.

Well after a while of playing the 2nd map, I noticed my game was pretty slow, 5-13 FPS the whole time, I figured damn I guess the only map that runs well is the first one. So I exit Crysis for around 2-3 hours then I decide to go back to it, I had 15-20 FPS again.

Why is this? My CPU runs at 49C MAX when playing, and my 8800 runs at 52C, max I've seen it go up to was 55C. So any reason why this is happening? I doubt its overheating problems.

agentkay 11-22-07 12:56 PM

Re: Problem
The levels after the demo level are a little more demanding and also a little larger and I guess the AA hit is larger as well. So far I've been playing at 1080p (with 4AF, no AA) with Gaco's 1.1 config and just started the Awakening level. Performance has been always playable and enjoyable, no major difference to the demo level performance wise. High levels of AF and AA most likely do cause a bigger performance hit in these levels. Try the levels with lower amount of AA (or none) and it should perform similar like the demo level and if it doesn't there might indeed be an issue somewhere.

What are your ingame settings or do you use a custom config, whats your driver and OS?

ChiBChombo 11-22-07 01:08 PM

Re: Problem
I just use Windows XP, and use all settings on High as I had 0 problems with FPS on first level. But what I dont understand is why would my game go slowwww as I got to the 2nd level, but when I stopped playing for 1-2 hours then played again, it was alot better?

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