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npuppet 11-24-07 03:52 AM

Can't install ubuntustudio. Video card problem?
Got myself a new PC:

AMD Athlon 5200+ 64X2 dual core processor
videocard nvidia geforce 7300 gt
400GB Hd
2GB DDR2 800 dual channel 128 bit

I tried to install the latest ubuntustudio 7.10 but it doesn't work. I mean It can't go ahead with the installation. When I choose the install option, it stops with a black screen and reboots continuously!

I tried to install the traditional Ubuntu 7.10... well it's the same...

tried with many options like vga=vesa or vga=771 or whatever... no way! Very strange as I've installed Ubuntu on at least 7 computers (laptop and desktop) with no problem!

Never tried to install windows and never will.

Any help?


npuppet 11-26-07 11:54 AM

Re: Can't install ubuntustudio. Video card problem?
Problem solved.
Incredible... I really feel bad about this...

It was not about the MODO or the graphic card... it was about the Hard Disk!! I changet it with another one identical, and now everything works perfectly!

But... how can it be that Ubuntu Studio installation program simply reboots not giving any information?

Nevermind... anyway, only a problem of a ****ed up HD!

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