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muskt 11-25-07 01:45 AM

Mepis will not boot after video card upgrade
Hello. My first post here.

I have a triple boot system with XP, VISTA, & SIMPLY MEPIS 6.5 (64 bit).

I use EASY BCD as my boot manager. It all worked great until yesterday!!!

A couple of days ago, I acquired an NVIDIA 8600GT OC.

I replaced my older N6600GT with it.

I upgraded the Windows drivers with the newest ones from NVIDIA with no problems at all, Windows (both versions) still works fine. Mepis seems normal through the blue loading screen and then a fraction of a second of white text on a black background followed by a black screen and NO further activity.

I am very new to Linux and my knowledge of its procedures is severely limited. I can boot to the command line; however, I haven't a clue as to where to go from there. I have used PCs long enough that I learned on the command line (pre Windows), so I am not afraid of it, I just don't possess the
required knowledge to upgrade the driver - if that is even possible. I do not know what driver I have been using in MEPIS. I do not believe I ever upgraded it from the install - whatever it chose seemed to have worked. Mepis is a big mystery to me.

If anyone can walk me through this, I would be very grateful.

I have downloaded the current Linux driver (NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-100.14.19-pkg2.run) from NVIDIA.

If you attempt a walkthrough, please don't assume I understand any of the Linux terms. I don't.

Like I said, I can get to the command line, but no further.

Thanks in advance,
Jerry in Anchorage
(where spring is only 7 months away)

PS. Don't ask for me to post any of the config files - I cannot boot Linux; therefore, I cannot read the files.

muskt 11-26-07 10:05 PM

Re: Mepis will not boot after video card upgrade
Well the response has not been overwhelming.

I posed the same question on the MepisLovers forum & received several replies.

I was finally (after much frustration) able to get the newest driver installed. It will not work with the 8600GT. It will work fine with the 6600GT.

What is that all about.

I installed the 6600 to get the system up & running. I installed the driver & all was happy.

I shut down & reinstalled the 8600 & after the blue loading screen, I, again received the few white line on black background followed by the monitor being disconnected from the system. By that, I mean that the "digital" box began flashing on the monitor for a few seconds and then that box went away and the power button began flashing just as if the computer was turned off. The computer was still running.

I rebooted to the command line and again installed the new driver. NO CHANGE.

All this makes me more & more convinced to stay with Uncle Bill's stuff.

If anyone has any ideas as to how to get the new card to be happy with Linux, I'd be more than happy to listen.

Jerry in Anchorage

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