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joehender1 11-25-07 10:10 AM

XFX 6800 AGP GT Linux MythTV Sony TV..


X Window System Version 7.2.0
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 7.2
Current Operating System: Linux dream #3 Sat Jun 30 10:35:20 EDT 2007 i686
X Window System Version 7.2.0
NVIDIA dlloader X Driver 100.14.19 Wed Sep 12 14:14:20 PDT 2007

Option "DPI" "100 x 100"

What i want to do..

Use a CRT on dvi 1 and a 34XBR970 on dvi2..

I am using a dvi -> vga on dv1 and dvi->hdmi on dvi2..

My TV does not give the EDID correct screen size. I measured with
a tape @ 760mm x 440mm with the option
"DisplaySize 760 440" under "xorg.conf"

THe Screen is still back when i startx...

Another question..

When i am using seprate x screen view. How can i make all the displays
goto the DFP screen by default?

I am using Arch Linux .8 running ICEwm.

joehender1 11-25-07 10:41 AM

Re: XFX 6800 AGP GT Linux MythTV Sony TV..
2 Attachment(s)

Here's the xorg log and xorg.conf



joehender1 11-25-07 11:07 AM

Re: XFX 6800 AGP GT Linux MythTV Sony TV..

after i start X..

The CRT is is fine with 1280x1024..

The TV flashes the "nvidia logo" and has a black background.

When i Move the mouse over to the right the "x" now appears on the TV..

However I cannot move any windows to the TV. it "hops" from the right side of the
CRT to the left side of the CRT and misses the TV...

Any ideas?

joehender1 11-25-07 07:21 PM

Re: XFX 6800 AGP GT Linux MythTV Sony TV 34XBR970
2 Attachment(s)

I got a "working" xorg.conf only if i disable the CRT monitor..

It comes up fine and I can watch TV.. however the screen is off to the right by 3"..

Does anyone know howto fix this?


Attached is my xorg.conf and Xlog for the working TV..

PROBLEM: when I launch "startx -- -verbose 6" and read the Xlog it stated "cannot validate 1080i or 720p and defaults to 640x480..

How can i disable this and let it run the modes I specify in the xorg.conf?

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