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mojoman0 11-29-07 01:25 PM

Yikes...multiplayer player count
Currently only about 1,200 people playing Crysis compared to 30,000 in Call of Duty 4 right now. Whats the deal, this games supposed to be HUGE? www.game-monitor.com

Talon 11-29-07 01:36 PM

Re: Yikes...multiplayer player count
Much higher system requirements for smooth play. Crysis MP has a steeper learning curve. COD has much bigger built-in MP fan base already as well.

Mr. Hunt 11-29-07 01:41 PM

Re: Yikes...multiplayer player count
The problem is... Crysis MP sucks... too buggy.

nutcrackr 11-29-07 05:43 PM

Re: Yikes...multiplayer player count
cod 4 has more game modes, unlocks, better netcode and is probably just better packaged.

crysis has a 100 times better single player though.

WeReWoLf 11-29-07 06:18 PM

Re: Yikes...multiplayer player count
CoD 4 is also for the 360...

MowTin 11-29-07 07:51 PM

Re: Yikes...multiplayer player count
I think Counter Strike 1.6 is probably still the most popular (not sure if that's true anymore). The most popular games are always the least demanding.

I think Cryis will be the Quake of this period in terms of moding. Back then only people with fancy "pentium" PC's could play Quake. I remember I couldn't play Quake on my 486 :D

Right now the 8800GT is at a good price...a couple of years from now "low end" players will be playing Crysis mods.

K007 11-30-07 02:05 AM

Re: Yikes...multiplayer player count
Hard to play this game with med end computers, really need a high end system to enjoy the game, playing single player or multiplayer of this game..on a crap system is just...wrong :/..

CoD4 multiplayer big fan base, also is intresting. Crysis isen't bad either tbh..its just..hard to play it with a ****ty pc. CoD4 runs at flying speed on even crap pcs.

I think maybe what eva next crysis engine game comes out, with multiplayer..we can hope for that the hardware has caught up..(i love that ><..hardware catch up, cant wait), we can really enjoy it.

delas52 11-30-07 07:21 PM

Re: Yikes...multiplayer player count

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf
CoD 4 is also for the 360...

He means 30,000 for pc players alone though.

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