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Cereal-Killer 04-17-03 09:00 PM

Politics forum
At least half of the threads in the Open Forum are about politics. How about adding a Politics/Religion forum, to keep things seperated? Just an idea...

Sazar 04-17-03 09:26 PM

makes it seem a little too formal :(

poursoul 04-17-03 10:25 PM

it would just be called "the who wants to start a flame war" forum.

even though most of the OG's in here are very open minded, there are a few who don't take anyone's oppinion even if it is valid on these topics.

LORD-eX-Bu 04-18-03 02:08 AM

it'd just be callin' for more probs heh, it'd be an always raging war forum even bigger and worse than the threads going on now:D

StealthHawk 04-18-03 03:00 AM


Originally posted by Sazar
makes it seem a little too formal :(
I agree.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I don't moderate the threads in the Open Forum as much compared to threads in other forums. because let's face it, the open forum has a lighter attitude most of the time, and people post in their to let off steam most of the time instead of actually having serious discussions.

if there was an actual Politics Forum there would be a lot more laying down of the law.

PsychoSy 04-18-03 07:01 AM

No politics forum, please.

Three reasons.

(1) Vamp and I would donate a testicle to moderate it.
(2) Vamp and I would never leave.
(3) One of us would have to spoon regularly to keep calm. :p

vampireuk 04-18-03 07:18 AM


Well put PsychoSy:D

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