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Revs 11-30-07 03:37 AM

Well it's been 2 weeks, where's the patch?
Can't say i'm suprised, but it's disappointing. Still having to dual boot to XP to play the game with my SLI set-up. Why do these companys ALWAYS over promise and under deliver? It wouldn't be quite as bad if they kept people posted on the progress (or lack there of) of things like this.

BioHazZarD 11-30-07 04:21 AM

Re: Well it's been 2 weeks, where's the patch?
There was an patch update on the crysis fansites nothing too major on the first one to expect.

Community Update – Crysis Patch #1!

Greetings beloved Community!

Today we have got a little update on our upcoming patch #1 for Crysis for you. Even though there is no final change log available at the moment since the patch is still work in progress we would like to give you a rough overview what kind of issues are being addressed.

Crysis Patch #1 – General Content

First of all we don’t have set a release date for the patch yet. We are still working on it, but we are very confident that the patch will be out right after it has been verified and checked for stability. We will let you know immediately once we have more specific information on this for you.

As for the content it self, the patch is going to address following categories:

* Overall Performance
* Adjustments to LAW and Grenade balance in multiplayer

Please keep in mind this is not a major patch to the game, but more an update on performance and some Multiplayer tweaks that have been requested by the community.

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