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*magic* 12-01-07 08:17 AM

here is the ragdoll mod
hi guys

here is the ragdoll mod :

with this patch you will have ragdoll and bullet holes on dead bodys.

Installation :

open the gamedata.pak(winrar)
go into the folder scripts\entities\actor
and replace the orig. basic actor with the new one.

I dont know why but unfortunaly it dont works with any installation.
Maybe you have to set the object quality to high, to see the bullet holes.
The ragdoll patch was created by some smart people on crymod.com but banned for the big communitysites by crytek.

but dont expect to much.

And I hope people can a least discuss in this forum how to get more gore into the game ;)

SH64 12-01-07 09:05 AM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
Yep tried that & it works pretty good! i was playing on High.

*magic* 12-01-07 09:21 AM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
for me it runs only on my vista partition dont know why.

but this sucks very hard :

Dear Community!

On behalf of Crytek and EA we ask you to remove any news and/or forum postings about the “Ragdoll Mod” that is available for Crysis. Even though it is a modification and not implemented in the final game, it is not allowed to unlock specific features that have been blocked in Crysis.

This feature is definitely not supported by Crytek or EA and we would highly appreciate it if you would support us in this case.

Thanks for you understanding,

I rly hope the modders dont became afraid because we need much more ragdoll and gore for crysis, at least when the sdk is released.

SH64 12-01-07 09:25 AM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
Thank god i already have it! :D
i ran it on XP & it was working btw.

agentkay 12-01-07 09:40 AM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
I guess they are worried that some countries change the ratings for the game which I find strange since its basically 18+ in most anyway and I believe GTA-SA is the only game that ever got rated higher after a mod (hot coffee) was released.

The ragdoll mod is out and just because it might not be hosted on crymod.com it will be available at other sites anyway and to support that I'll up it on rapidshare as well. :)


LORD-eX-Bu 12-01-07 09:48 AM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
nice, downloading :D

ASUSEN7900GTX 12-01-07 12:50 PM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
does anyone knowif there is a way to get a 3:Rd person view?

*magic* 12-01-07 01:13 PM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
yeah,start the game in dev mode and press f1

ASUSEN7900GTX 12-01-07 01:55 PM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
how do i start it in devmode do i need something added to the shortcut?

*magic* 12-01-07 02:17 PM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
add: -devmode

SH64 12-01-07 03:29 PM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod

Originally Posted by *magic*
yeah,start the game in dev mode and press f1

Cool gonna try that too!

3DBrad 12-01-07 03:48 PM

Re: here is the ragdoll mod
This is so retarded, sure, the characters cursing every other setence is fine, but some 3d mesh rolling around on a 3d terrain is banned.

I played the singleplayer with dialogue turned off, it was pretty confusing sometimes. :\

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